How 5G will change the future of business communication

The future of business communication

5G is very much here, but how can it change the future of business communication?

The new wireless technology came to market in 2019, with forecasts predicting by 2024 there will be around 1.9 billion 5G subscriptions worldwide. Its arrival, which according to big providers is said to be 10 times faster than 4G, bumping browsing speeds exponentially. 

the future of business communication will be seen on mobiles too

The fifth generation of technology promises to be much more transformational for businesses than its predecessors. Not only are speeds increasing sharply, but it offers a much larger capacity and less latency than 4G. What this means for future of business communication is, it enables the connection and communication of hundreds of internet devices simultaneously.

With increasing speeds and less network latency, businesses will notice appreciable improvements with their communications. As 5G technology is able to send and decode signals at almost instantaneous speeds, businesses can communicate with customers and co-workers more reliably, with lesser poor connection calls. With more employees working from home, staying connected over zoom, skype or via voice calls is paramount.  

With the introduction of 5G communication, customers will expect responsive, two-way communication with businesses. Long gone are the days of mass, unpersonalised communications via email. In the 4G era, customers were already accustomed to personalised communications based on data. 5G will continue this trend, however, customers will expect this to be even quicker and more efficient.

5G will allow businesses to offer even more enhanced personalised communications. As 5G can process much larger data packets from consumers, businesses are armed with further knowledge of their customer’s behaviours. This intel can be analysed by businesses to help offer the perfect personalised solution. Trends can also be evaluated to target new and existing leads. 

The future of business communication: What are customers’ preferences?

The future of business communication may no longer include chatbotsCustomers will always have a preference for human interaction over chatbots. This makes fast, personalised communications vital in customer service evoking customer loyalty in customer-centric businesses. This is crucial, as according to Microsoft’s State of Global Service Report, 95% of respondents stated a high level of customer service satisfaction plays a crucial role in loyalty. 

5G technology will be the enabler businesses need to capitalise on the plethora of new communications opportunities the technology brings. However, unless your business has a solid communications infrastructure in place already, you will struggle to implement these newer solutions. 

Here at Claro Communications, we’re dedicated to providing superior telecoms solutions to businesses across the UK. Our vast experience and non-affiliation with providers, means we can truly provide you with the best solution to match your business needs.

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The future of business communication within an office setting


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