You need cloud telephony for remote working

Cloud telephony for remote working

In our previous blog, we discussed whether businesses had the right telecommunication solution in place for working from home. In our latest blog, we extend this discussion to ensure you have the right tools, specifically cloud telephony in place to really capitalise on remote working.

It’s clear that many of us business owners have been forced to work from home with the pandemic, and as such have had to set up our home office with little time to prepare. It can also be quite overwhelming, to create a space that is comfortable but also functional. It can be even more overwhelming also making sure your team is set up for remote work. Nevertheless, with the right cloud telephony tools at your disposal, working from home can become as efficient and pleasant to work in as the office.

Cloud telephony allows you to be available, anywhere

The fundamental issue with working from home is the ability to communicate with your peers and customers face-to-face. A major working from home consideration is therefore how to maintain optimum communication from a remote environment.

Conferencing equipment that allows for video chat, as well as voice, is a great way to provide face-to-face interaction. Hosted IP (or cloud telephony) from Claro Communications provides the ideal facility to collaborate remotely and boost productivity, by bringing together remote workers and office-based workers. All workers can use a mix of a mobile app, laptop/desktop, or physical phone whilst working in the office or at home. And video is available across all platforms – so you can talk face-to-face remotely!

Cloud telephony for remote working

Cloud telephony helps increase your productivity

One of the key reasons people choose to work from home is to increase their productivity. CIPD’s latest research shows that 33% of workers feel their productivity has improved due to working from home.

Hosted VoIP allows employees to centralise their communication efforts by unifying communication systems. As such, it reduces the requirements to check several emails, use various chat or messenger apps, and maintain and retrieve exchanges through several platforms. Features such as single sign-on as an example means users can use their business email address to log in to their work email. As a result, this minimises any possible miscommunication between teams.

At Claro, we work independently with some of the world’s leading telecommunications manufacturers, so find out more about these services to increase your productivity here.

Cloud telephony allows you to scale business needs

One huge advantage cloud telephony possesses is its ability to scale with ease. As VoIP systems are internet-based, user management is simpler. Older telecommunications systems required new provision lines. VoIP on the other hand simply requires a phone (and a license if you haven’t got one). This is especially useful for businesses who are looking to expand their headcount or maybe downsizing for whatever reason.

Cloud telephony is here to stay

No matter if you’re moving back into an office setting or still working from home, cloud telephony is here to stay. The benefits it offers over traditional phone systems are far superior, increasing collaboration, improving productivity, and enhancing efficiency.

So, regardless of your work setting, Claro Communications wants to ensure your telecommunications solutions won’t let you down. So if you’d like to find out more about our service offerings, why not take a look at our services page or give us a call on 01423 535 333.


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