Remote working: Do you have telecommunications solutions in place?

Telecommunications solutions allow for remote working and staying in touch with peopleThe lockdown in March 2020 brought about massive change to the world of work. Lockdown has forced businesses to think fast, with the pandemic becoming a catalyst for remote working. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), in April 2020, 46.6% of those employed worked at home in some capacity, with 86% starting due to coronavirus (COVID-19). 
Whilst there have been a number of conditions to deal with such as home-schooling, social distancing and general home distractions, it’s fair to say remote working has been a success, with 67% of workers stating that remote working allows them to be more productive.

Although parts of the UK are beginning to return to normality with some offices reopening, remote working is here to stay. Businesses have now seen first-hand the benefit of working from home and how their businesses can still operate and remain functional. Employees have also gained the trust and confidence of their employers that they can remain productive and provide exceptional customer service from a remote setting.

However, due to the sudden nature of lockdown, many organisations did not have the foundations to roll out remote working on such a grand scale, such as telecommunications solutions for employees to remain in touch. It is therefore paramount your business is set up correctly in order to ensure remote working delivers for your business.

So what telecommunications solutions can we offer?

It’s crucial to keep your staff and customers communicating, especially as office space is no longer shared. With a unified communications plan, your business can communicate effectively no matter where it is located. At Claro Communications we can integrate a number of telecommunications solutions across multiple platforms and devices.

Discussing telecommunications solutions with customer

Initially one of our experts will discuss your requirements, any challenges and your current set-up, before offering a completely tailored package to your specifications. This could include any number of our service offerings, from voice and video chat to instant messaging. We can incorporate these solutions into your existing mobiles, laptops or tablets as well as telephones if needed.

We can ensure that your whole team across all their locations and devices are integrated seamlessly together, offering one complete communications solution. Furthermore, being non-affiliated with any specific provider means we can truly provide you with the best solution to match your business needs.

Whether you’re fully remote or beginning to open up your offices to employees once more, Claro Communications wants to ensure your telecommunications solutions won’t let you down. So if you’d like to find out more about our service offerings, why not take a look at our services page or give us a call on 01423 535 333.

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